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Who Is?
My name is Bill Dauenhauer and I have enjoyed extensive experience, expertise and discipline as a senior executive officer, director, president, CEO and founder of several companies driving Technologies Providers, Inc., CBS-NW ~ Custom Building Solutions NW, formally Custom Cedar Homes USA and Lucky Lady Online Shopping Network. 

Custom Building Solutions NW, Port Townsend, WA  

CBS-NW is a strong disciplined company providing state-of-the-art wood framed structural building components and turnkey building solutions throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

We honor and support the National Association of Home Builders, the Building Systems Councils, Wood Truss Council of America, Structural Building Components and Solutions Provider for the Department of Labor Self-directed Real Estate Investors Community throughout the Pacific Northwest.  

Lucky Lady Online Shopping Network, Port Townsend,WA  

Lucky Lady Online Shopping Network is dedicated to providing unique opportunities to future investors and consumers. We have increased our online presence and activity significantly and in spite of the industry wide economic challenges we are moving forward by expanding our online presence and to pursue and partner with online solution providers.

The Kobenhavn Unsolved Mystery, Port Townsend,WA

One of the True Mysteries of the Sea ... is what happened to the five-masted barque Kobenhavn which was owned by the East Asiatic Company, LTD of Denmark. The Kobenhavn - the name is the Danish spelling of Copenhagen vanished in December 1928 on a training voyage from Denmark to Australia.

We have an authentic original rare work-of-art of the Kobenhavn model ship that was hand carved by Nick Magi in the 1940's who worked on the Kobenhavn prior to her last sailing. He was living in a boarding house in downtown Seattle Washington when this story unfolded. 

Founder, President & CEO / Technology Providers, Inc., Bellevue, WA 

TPI was originally founded as a shelter company to manage and maintain a worldwide registered trademark “TheStudent®” in support of custom PC hardware and software solutions. Today, Technology Providers is an active mother corporation for profit in the State of Washington.

President, CEO & Co-Founder / R & D Industries, Inc., Bellevue, WA

Built this regional multi-million computer hardware, software and network solution provider into the largest independent Hewlett Packard sales and engineering company providing contract services to Corporate America, Institutions of Higher Education, K-12, Washington State Government Agencies and their respective Sub-Agencies. 

Founder of the registered trademark “TheStudent®” in support of education community world-wide and developed a state-of-the-art supply contract “Intranet” in support of education and government entities that generated on-line business via distribution and technical support during a decade of contracted services throughout Washington State.

President, CEO & Founder / Zepher Industries, Inc., Seattle, WA

Founder of this electronic 3M cable assembly manufacturer and industrial electronics distributor. Developed operations into a multi-million dollar company serving clients throughout the Pacific Northwest such as;  Boeing, Eldec, Hewlett Packard, Intel, John Fluke, Tektronix, Nike, etc. Zepher Industries was successfully acquired by Hartzel Corporation of Minnesota. 

Computer Experience

Applications: MS Windows, MS Office, MS Professional, ACT, Goldmine, Custom MRP
Operating Systems: Microsoft NT, XT, Vista, Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and  Hewlett Packard HPUX/UNIX

Associations (past and present)

  • Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
  • Building Industry Association of Washington State (BIAW)
  • Building Systems Councils (NAHB)
  • Burien Rotary Club
  • Columbia Tower Business Club
  • Department of Labor “IRA” Solutions Provider
  • Harbor Business Club
  • North Peninsula Building Association (NPBA)
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • National Association of Self Employed (NASE)
  • Port Ludlow Yacht Club
  • Structural Building Components (SBC)
  • University of Washington – Strategic Harvard Studies Sales/Marketing
  • Washington State Software Association (WSA)
  • Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA)

Community Contributions & Accomplishments

• Sponsors of the “Seattle International Sixth Annual Children’s Festival” to celebrate six years the festival has offered dynamic shows of support to six continents; Australia, Canada, China, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay, USA and Zimbabwe, May 1992.

• Donated 50+ “Personal Computers” to Fort Lewis, WA families allowing them to communicate with their loved ones engaged in Desert Storm. Received accommodations from Lt. General Waller, August 1991.

• Sponsored the “North Seattle Tele-Commuting Technology Center” for Washington State and Federal Agencies with a dedicated data center for remote secure communications. Received recognition from the Washington State Department of Energy, April 1991.

• Bronze sponsors for the “Seattle Goodwill Games” in support of marketing the Hewlett Packard newly launched Network Product Solutions. This sponsorship resulted in stimulating hundreds of thousands of dollars of new network revenues throughout the Pacific Northwest, July 1990.

• Sponsor of the “Ultimate Thule Mount Everest” climb that preformed test and research under extreme weather conditions in support of medical and aeronautical instrumentation. We shared our sponsorship with several companies such as; Nordstrom’s, Wyckoff Industries, Boeing, John Fluke, Tektronix, Jim Whitaker and Senator “Scoop” Jackson, 1983-84.

• Sponsors of the live “International Technology Tele-conferencing for Washington State Community Colleges” providing live technology workshops which were televised worldwide to sister community colleges in Europe and Russia to name a few. We were accommodated by the Washington State Center for Technology.

• Sponsors of the “Teacher of the Month Awards” throughout Washington State awarding hundreds of Hewlett Packard printers to K-12 teachers in recognition for their spirited contributions to their students. Received recognition from the State of Washington Superintendent of K-12 Judith Billings.

Technology Providers has participated in reducing hundreds of millions of dollars in our court systems throughout the Continental USA through the introduction of new technology that allows the building contractor community to increase their respective revenues, profits, build more homes faster with increased accuracy, efficiency and save their clients significant time and money.

We are pleased to announce that we are stepping up our pace to find Lucky Lady a team of hands-on investors to drive our multi-layer platform business model in support of distribution, online marketing, fulfillment and extended customer support. We are seeking hands-on investor partners with successful disciplines that will enhance and accelerate our multi-layer business model.

Last but not least, we owe our gratitude to the hundreds of outstanding employees who were known throughout the Industry as the Best-of-Breed. Without their hustle, team work, discipline, cross training and the ongoing drive to be the very best we would not have been as successful. We thank all of you for your contributions as we stand humble in awe of your accomplishments.

Thank you again for your time and consideration and please do contact us direct.


Bill Dauenhauer
President, CEO & Founder
Technology Providers, Inc.
Secure Message Center SMC
(888) 400 8075

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