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Lucky Lady Online Shopping "Press Release"   April 12, 2011

Lucky Lady ‘Online Shopping’ Zeros in on Social Media Marketing 


PORT TOWNSEND, Wash., March 21, 2011 — Lucky Lady Online Shopping, a Technology Providers Company, is an online destination for thousands of discount brand-name products and services and has released their first Lucky Lady shopping video to YouTube. Lucky Lady provides a full complement of products and services from acting & modeling, clothing & fashions to home improvement, sports, travel & vacations, weddings and many more. Lucky Lady has developed relationships with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and they are in the process of adding Myspace, Groupon, Yelp, LivingSocial, and Fourscore as their primary marketing channels.

Bill Dauenhauer, President, CEO and Founder of Technology Providers, Inc., stated, “We discovered nine SMB-friendly Social Media Sites making up 100% of the total market. We are looking forward to our newfound relationships and a new marketing persona.”

About Lucky Lady’s Name – The name Lucky Lady was inspired by the 1975 Lucky Lady Movie, staring Gene Hackman, Liza Minnelli (lucky lady) and Burt Reynolds. This movie rocked the hearts of millions of women of all ages and walks of life from all over the world and Lucky Lady Online Shopping reaches out to the same vertical market.

Lucky Lady contact:

WD Dauenhauer
Lucky Lady Online & Mobile Classic Shopping!
Direct: (888) 400 8075
Best Online Shopping!

Posted on May 17, 2011 ... by luckyladyusa

We all love to shop for one thing or another. We may think we don’t shop much but the only real variable is what we  are interested in. The problem for most people is getting out to do some shopping for gifts, things they need, and more. With all the variables these days to shopping, it can be both taxing and expensive just to get TO the store, before you do any shopping at all.

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Lucky Lady Online Shopping Offers Comprehensive Self Development Programs

Posted on April 20, 2011 ... by luckyladyusa

Lucky Lady Online Shopping markets and sells Self Development e-books, software and audio products, through an exciting network of affiliated sites. The company was founded in 2002, with over 600,000 purchases from a loyal client base that is constantly growing.Our very successful Self Development catalog is all about taking personal responsibility for one’s own learning and development through a process of assessment, reflection, and taking action. Join us at Lucky Lady Online Shopping for a lifetime experience.

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Lucky Lady Online Shopping Presents a Full Compliment of Educational Resources

Posted on April 29, 2011 ... by luckyladyusa


Lucky Lady Online Shopping is pleased to present Education as the backbone to our own destiny. Education empowers confidence, self-esteem, personal knowledge, career opportunities, alleviates poverty and enhances social change. Education is a powerful self-propelled tool that not only gives us the ability to sustain throughout our own lives, it also allows us the opportunity to make a difference for ourselves, love ones, friends and for mankind.

Lucky Lady Online Shopping spends significant time researching education resources, interviewing and negotiating with institutions of higher education, trade schools and financing in an effort to expand our educational resource offerings.

Please don’t hesitate to visit our website and/or contact us direct for more information.

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Greatest American's Series ... by Lucky Lady Online Shopping!

Posted on January 18, 2012 by luckyladyusa

Benjamin Franklin the statesman most influential in accomplishing the vital Alliance of 1778 between the United States and France, was one of the most admired men of his time.

He was born in Boston in 1706 and at the age of 17 made his way to Philadelphia where he soon established his own printing business. The business flourished, and when he published the first issue of the Almanac - Poor Richard,1773, it was an immediate best-seller throughout the colonies.

Franklin's inventive genius flourished during the better part of his lifetime. He also conducted a number of scientific experiments, the most famous of which involved flying a kite in a thunderstorm to demonstrate the presence of electricity in lighting.

His talent for organization placed him naturally in a position of leadership, and following the outbreak of conflict between he colonies and England, he was one of the greatest statesmen of the American revolution. He was appointed to the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence and later traveled to France to help gain that nations active support for the new republic. At first his efforts met with little success.

But finally, through astute diplomatic maneuvering, he was able to accomplish and American - French coalition.  On February 6, 1778, Franklin was summons to the office of the French minister foreign affairs where a Treaty of Alliance between the powers was signed.

For the remaining 12 years of his life this remarkable statesman continued to serve his country, becoming the only one of our founding fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence, the alliance with France,the peace agreement with England and the constitution - the four documents that marked the birth of a free sovereign nation. Compliments of Lucky Lady Online Shopping!

New! The Real - George Washington

Posted June 3, 2012 ... by LuckyLadyUSA

George Washington was our Countries1st United States President!

'He was indeed, in every since of the words, a wise, a good and great man ... it may truly be said, that never did nature and fortune combine more perfectly '' Thus did Thomas Jefferson describe his friend George Washington. One of the most modest and unassuming of men, Washington was nevertheless an imposing figure at the ceremony when he assumed command of the Continental Army. He had previously stated, 'I do not think myself equal to the command I am honored with,' and when asked to accept the presidency, he wrote that' the acceptance would be attended with more diffidence and reluctance than I ever experienced before ''

Yet in spite of his self-doubt, he inspired an almost unbelievable degree of trust and confidence - enough, for example, to keep a raged underfed army in the field for eight long years to accomplish the victory that would establish a great nation. When divisive argument constantly disrupted the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the very presence of this man helped to hold the meeting together, and people came to link his name directly to the new Constitution.

It was almost taken for granted that he would be elected the first president of the United States, and few were surprised when he was chosen unanimously by the first Electoral College. Washington's first inauguration took place at Federal Hall in New York City on April 30, 1789. 'I walk on untrodden ground,' he said as he began his new duties. 'There is scarcely any part of my conduct that may not hereafter be drawn into precedent,' Near the end of his term, he began to plan for retirement, but was persuaded to accept reelection. Finally he retired to his beloved Mount Vernon where, as the most honored American, he died on December 14,1799.

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