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We offer emergency products including safety kits, first-aid kits, emergency food and water supplies and anything families need to be prepared for a disaster. We also provide a full compliment of safety kits for the office, car and educational institutions. 

Emergency Food Storage
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AmberAlert GPS

The AmberAlert GPS smart locator enables parents to stay connected with their children through GPS location awareness and two-way mobile voice communications. With a simple touch of a button, a child can easily call a parent or caregiver – no matter where they are. Currently used by thousands of customers across the US, the device empowers families to intelligently track their little ones online or from a mobile app with accurate location information updated every five minutes. 

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Is a WiFi doorbell that allows you to see, hear and speak to the person at your door no matter where you are or what you're doing. You will be able to answer your door while on the go from your favorite iOS and Android mobile devices. SkBell won the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award at the the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. It connects to your homes existing home WiFi internet so there is NO MONTHLY fees associated with the SkyBell. The SkyBell can be used anywhere in the world and is currently sold world wide.  
Norton Symantec

Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Learn about the company, read what media and analysts have to say about Symantec, or find positions open in our team. 
The best priced and best value in food storage on the internet.  The main product of focus is Legacy Premium Food Storage, the highest quality, best tasting, and lowest cost per serving long-term food storage available on the market. We also provide unique survival kits that provide emergency essentials, water filtration systems, and emergency food. 

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